Chicago Pride Parade: Significant Attendance Increase in 2011

Jordyn Hester
1 min readFeb 14, 2021

In 2011, Chicago Pride Parade reports an estimated 750,000 people in attendance. This is about 300,000 more people than the previous year, making it the largest attendance increase for the parade between 1985 and 2014.

Prior to 2011, attendance to the Chicago Pride Parade increased steadily. There was a 65,000 increase between 1985 and 1990, and a 75,000 increase between 1990 and 1995. The increase of attendance between the 1995 and 2000 was the biggest the Parade had seen in a 5 year span, with 125,000 more people attending the one in 2000 than in 1995. The reported attendance increase from 2011 is based on analysis of data from just one year before in 2010.

According to CBS News, the tires of 51 floats were slashed the morning to the 2011 Chicago Pride Parade. Despite this, the parade still saw record numbers of attendance.

After 2011, the increase of attendance slowed, with 850,000 people attending in 2012 and 1 million people attending in both 2013 and 2014.